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The First Choice of Engineers. Worldwide.

When Flowtite began designing pipes, the only alternatives were made from either cast iron, ductile iron, steel, asbestos cement or concrete. None of these materials came close to meeting our expectations in terms of physical and mechanical properties.

This drove us to design a new pipe system using glass fibres and creating a sandwich structure. This made the pipes lighter and more corrosion resistant. That, in turn, allowed us also to have longer pipe lengths. We invented continuous filament winding – the pipes became pressure tolerant – from inside and outside. We developed glass fiber materials and polyester resins and we also created the Flowtite brand.

This new plastic design allowed us to build small as well as extremely large diameter pipes. We used strictly non-corroding materials, making Flowtite pipes corrosion resistant on the inner side and outside. From their debut in 1967 our pipes rapidly won market share. In Europe, America, the Far and Middle East, Latin America and Australia more than 6 million meters of pipeline have been manufactured and sold to date.

We continuously seek ways to make Flowtite GRP pipes even better. Higher pressure. Increased angular deflection. Faster installation methods. Professional technical literature. Better handling tools. Pipeline installations are not what they were 60 years ago. We have taken up this challenge. That is why we are the First Choice of Engineers.

We believe that pipelines built with Flowtite GRP pipes will change and improve the world. These pipelines will last longer, have little or no need for maintenance, sustain seismic activity, and meet the world’s needs for safe and leak-free fluid transportation.

It all started in 1927

Sandefjord in 1927, was a small shipping town on the coast of Norway. The entrepreneur Odd Gleditsch started a manufacturing plant for vegetable oils, named Vera Fabrikker. Linseed oil was an ingredient Odd needed for paint production in Jotun, the paint company he also owned. In 1964, a group of engineers at the plant started experimenting with polyester resins and glass fiber.

Along with the Danish Company Drostholm they invented the continuous winding method for the manufacturing of GRP pipes and tanks. The material was revolutionary – it did not corrode, it was light, and with the GRP sandwich construction, the products achieved high strength, stability, and durability. In cooperation with Owens Corning, Vera Fabrikker developed Flowtite GRP pipes and tanks as they are known today.

Decades of Innovations

Flowtite Technology today and ahead

Today, Flowtite Technology is located in Norway and Saudi Arabia. Our centers employ over 50 highly qualified engineers, all specialists in their fields of work. These engineers serve all Flowtite locations worldwide with product specifications, raw material approvals, production process technology and machinery. Flowtite Technology works to always keep Flowtite the leading GRP pipe product in the market. Continuous research and development sustain our high performance in pipes, fittings, couplings and services. Our focus on productivity and efficiency maintains Flowtite's cost leadership for a given performance standard. Quality control and consistency are the hallmarks of a market leader and raw material input control is a critical part of this. That´s why Flowtite Technology qualifies and controls all materials used in Flowtite manufacturing.

Flowtite Technology has amassed considerable intellectual property including patents and copyright ensuring our unique production technology remains just that. We provide turnkey manufacturing equipment, ensuring that Flowtite pipes can be manufactured professionally across the globe, continuously supported by the Flowtite Technology research and development department.

Interested to learn more about Flowtite? Then please visit us on our website at www.flowtite.com

Flowtite - The First Choice of Engineers. Worldwide.