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Flowtite GRP pipes are tested acc. to the requirements of different standards such as AWWA or ATV. The most important ones are joint qualification, initial ring deflection, long term ring bending, long term pressure and strain corrosion capability.

Flowtite pipes and coupling systems have been rigorously tested to verify conformance to those standards. The results for long-term testing show that the safety margins are shown to be higher than expected and extrapolation even up to 150 years could be achieved.

Flowtite GRP pipes meet herewith the requirements of some institutions requesting a pipe life cycle of more than 100 years.

  • The fifty year predicted strain corrosion value
    as published by Flowtite is 0.67%.

  • The fifty year predicted HDB strain value
    as published by Flowtite is 0.65%.

  • For long-term bending, the fifty year predicted value
    as published by Flowtite is 1.3%.

More information on Quality and Specifications can be found here.