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Supply Range

The manufactured Flowtite Pipes system offers a wide product range that meets the expectations and requests of almost every application coming from municipalities and Industries.


Flowtite pipe systems are supplied in nominal diameters ranging from DN 100 up to DN 4000. Larger and intermediate diameters are also available on request. The standard diameter range in mm is defined as below:
100 · 150 · 200 · 250 · 300 · 350 · 400 · 450 · 500 · 600 · 700 · 800 · 900 · 1000 1100 · 1200 · 1400 · 1600 · 1800 · 2000 · 2200 · 2400 · 2600 · 2800 · 3000

The locally manufactured standard diameter range varies according to manufacturing facilities. For detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact your contact person on site. Larger diameters than 3000 up to 4000 mm and other diameters are available on request.
The standard lengths of Flowtite pipe are 6 and 12 meters for diameters bigger than 300mm. Smaller diameters (DN ≤ 300) are only available in 6-meter standard lengths. Smaller and larger lengths are also available on request.

Flowtite pipes can be supplied to the following specific initial stiffness's:

Stiffness Class
Stiffness (ASTM)
2500 2500 18
5000 5000 30
10000 10000 72
Standard Stiffness Classes

Other stiffness classes are available on request. We also supply custom-designed pipe systems with a stiffness tailored to the needs of the project.

Flowtite GRP pipes are usually supplied in the pressures classes listed below:

Pressure Class
Pressure Rating
Upper dlameter
1 (gravity) 1 4000
0 0 4000
12 12 4000
16 16 3500
20 20 3000
25 25 2400
32 32 1800
Standard Pressure Classes

Not all pressure classes are locally available in all diameters and stiffness's. For detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact your local Flowtite pipe manufacturer or supplier. Contact details can be found here. Custom-designed pipes with pressure tailored to the needs of the project are also available.

The pipe’s pressure ratings have been established in accordance with the design approach outlined in international standards. Pipes are pressure rated at full operating pressure, even when buried to the maximum depth recommended and taking into account the combined load approaches stated in those standards.


All pipeline systems require fittings. Flowtite GRP fittings are moulded or fabricated using the same materials that are used to produce Flowtite pipes. That allows to fabricate a wide assortment of fittings, standard as well as non-standard. The programme includes a wide range of GRP fittings for water supply and wastewater systems such as bends, tees, branches, flanges, reducers, saddles, manholes and prefabricated spools.

Beside the standard range and dependent on the manufacturing site also machine made GRP fittings are available and cover a range from DN 100 to DN 800. Regular segmented and laminated fittings are then used from DN 900 up to maximum production size.

By using precision engineering and utilizing cutting-edge machinery, consistent quality is ensured. Using contemporary materials and manufacturing techniques enables design and fabrication of sophisticated geometries and fittings with high operating pressures, not previously available for large diameter GRP fittings.

The range of fittings available for each application, can be found here.

GRP Flanges

GRP flanges, loose or fix, are used to connect Flowtite pipes to other system components, for example such as valves. The most common sealing method is an O-ring in a gasket groove in the face at one side. Other sealing methods may be used. The standard bolt pattern to which flanges are manufactured is ISO 7005. Other bolting dimension systems such as AWWA, ANSI, DIN and JIS can be supplied. GRP flanges are available for systems with or without end-thrust.

Flexible Steel Couplings – Tangential bolt (Straub, Tee-Kay, Arpol, etc.)

Connecting a Flowtite pipe to other pipe materials with different diameters, flexible steel couplings are one of the preferred jointing methods. These couplings consist of a steel mantle with an interior rubber sealing sleeve. They may also be used to join Flowtite pipe sections together, for example during a repair or for closure.

Mechanical Steel Couplings – Axial bolt (Viking Johnson, Helden, Klamflex, etc.)

Mechanical couplings are used to join pipes of different materials and diameters, and to adapt them to flange outlets. A huge variety of these couplings are in use, including bolt size, number of bolts and gasket design. If the contractor intends to use a specific design (brand and model) of mechanical coupling, he is advised to consult his local dealer prior to purchase to prevent overloading the Flowtite pipe when attempting to get a watertight seal on the other material.

GRP Manholes

GRP manholes and chambers are made of Flowtite GRP pipes as an integral part of pipe installations. They are monolithic products with defined composition and properties and their design is based on Flowtite GRP pipes and GRP plates, joined together with the use of polyester - glass fibre laminates. The technology used in the production process of GRP manholes and chambers guarantee a completely tight sealing, fully corrosion proof, excellent durability and a safe service and maintenance.

GRP manholes and chambers are primarily designed to be used for:

  • inspection and maintenance of drains or sewers
  • ventilation of drains or sewers
  • flow conditions change of a medium (change of direction, change of pressure, change of water flow rate)
  • cleaning and flushing of drains or sewers
  • maintenance of water meters and fittings
  • housing of pumping stations
  • inlet drain pits

Depending on country regulations, the finished manholes and chambers meet the demands of EN 15383 and the requirements regarding tightness according to EN 1610 after installation.

GRP manholes made of Flowtite pipes consist of a composition of high tech materials and offer many features and benefits:

  • Non-corrosive
  • Durable
  • Safe
  • Maintenance -free
  • Internal and external corrosion resistance
  • One-piece wall structure
  • Restricts infiltration
  • Avoids exfiltration
  • Lightweight
  • Easy handling
  • Unloading with light equipment
  • No heavy equipment necessary for installation
  • Easy installation
  • Savings in installation time
  • Smaller excavation
  • No heavy footings
  • No waiting time for curing of the base plate before installation
  • Easy fabrication: additional pipe entries can be cut with standard power tools
  • No assembling on site
  • Minor grouting necessary
  • Easy inspection
  • Reliable product
  • Dependable
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Uniform design

Further information on manholes can be found here

Tanks & Accessories

The huge production flexibility allows also the manufacture of individual, tailor-made and custom-designed tanks & spools. For details please contact your local dealer. Contact details can be found here.

Tanks made of Flowtite pipes comprise a corrosion resistant system for buried or above ground storage of water, chemical, septic and other fluids. The tanks are of high quality, manufactured according to strict specifications and qualified in accordance with international standards and listings such as Underwriters Laboratories.
Please contact your local supplier for detailed information.

More information on tank systems is available in the "Download" section.